Where Do I Start?

Want To Build A New Home?

Where Do I Start?

. . . An Architect or a Builder?

That depends on a lot of factors.  Budget,  style home you want to build, type financing required, time frame. . .and other factors. 

One factor is the type loan you plan to obtain.  Some lenders require Builders be registered with them before they will agree to doing your loan.  This usually entails a Builder furnishing financial information on his/her company to the lender, which a Builder may not want to do.

Cost.  Sometimes the Architectural fees are quite high and you would rather finance them into your loan. If that is the case, you may want to go through a Builder who can package that cost into the build job.

A Builder

Builders like to use their favorite Architects because they use them regularly and trust their plans.  In exchange for that loyalty, Architects normally offer the builder a discounted price, which he/she passes along to you, the buyer.

An Architect

You may want to go to an Architect first in cases where you know what you want in terms of structure and finish-out and don’t have the need for builder input.  Your main goal is to get exactly what you want on paper first, then submit plans to different Builders for quotes.


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