What We Offer


1 Consultative Selling [kon-sul-ta-tiv]Adjective.  Sometimes referred to as Relationship or Solution-based Selling, is a selling methodology in which the salesperson addresses the customer’s problem (i.e. the need to navigate the home building process in order to get a new home), rather than just promoting an existing product (i.e. a specific MLS property).  Solution selling is usually used in sales situations where products are just one of the elements that lead to a solution.

What We Offer

A Free, no-obligation Consultation – to help you define your housing needs and budget

Finding A Lot – We are here to provide you whatever assistance you need to find that special lot and then helping you assess its suitability for your intended use.

Financing Options – There are many good financing options out there today, and new ones being added all the time.  We can help you find the best solution for your individual circumstances

Coordinate Transition Plan – Help you sell your current house if necessary and lay out the ground work for a smooth transition into the new house.

Builder Selection – Once we understand what and where you want to build; your time frame; and your budget, we will introduce you to one or more builders who are most likely to meet your needs and if approved by you, request quotes on your behalf 

Education – you on the standard components builders offer

Analyze – Builder options and compare their prices

Insure – you receive any incentives a builder might be currently offering

Negotiation Assistance – Once a decision has been made on builders, we will assist you with your selections and negotiation of the contract. 

Keep Everyone Focused – Along the way, keep all players “in their own lane” and focused on their individual jobs.  

Deadlines – Keep buyers (and others if necessary) apprised of any deadlines they need to meet along the way to assure the building process moves forward on schedule.

Closing Coordination Services –  We are with you to the very end in insuring your closing goes smoothly.